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35" Gate Access
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We offer an extremely versatile tracked stump grinding machine, capable of handling the largest and smallest of your stump grinding removal needs. Note worthy accommodations include:
  1. accessible through 35” gates and larger
  2. tracked machine providing low ground pressure over delicate areas
  3. residential & commercial grinding depths, up to (23” below ground & 31” above ground)
  4. reduce or remove surface roots which cause uneven ground or that damage your mower
“GotStumps-Gordie!” Is a 25 year+ retired military owned/operated business and we offer the following discounts;
  1. Veterans & Seniors
  2. Contractor & Municipalities
  3. Multiple/Volume Removal
Stump Grinding Pricing (Rule of Thumb)
  • generally $5/inch of diameter
  • example: a 20" diameter stump would cost $100
  • minimum service call of $100 (would incluse your 20" or less stump)
  • pricing is then reduced for multiple stumps or excessively larger stumps
  • Still accepted thru ATTR
  • accepting Check/Visa/Cash
Gordon Asher
Ret/Disabled/Veteran Owner